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Malwathu Oya Kayaking Expedition


Malwathu Oya Kayaking Expedition 4 Days Tour

Introducing the captivating Malwathu Oya Kayaking Expedition – an awe-inspiring journey through the second-longest river in Sri Lanka. Setting off from the pristine Inamaluwa Mountains in the North Central Province, this 164 km (102 mi) long river meanders through picturesque landscapes, paddy fields, and lush forest lands, providing a source of life and sustenance for the local communities.

Join us on the Malwathu Oya Kayaking Expedition for an unforgettable experience filled with natural wonders, cultural discoveries, and the tranquility that only a journey through the heart of Sri Lanka can provide. Book your adventure now and unlock the secrets of this remarkable river, weaving its way through history and nature.

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  • Timing: 4 days 3 nights
  • Difficulty: Beginner (training provided) NO SWIMMING SKILLS NEEDED
  • Availability: Event Basis(All year around)
  • Guests: Kids 6+, Adult & Family Tour Options
  • Booking: Email, Call, Online
  • Why This Trip? For the most challenging and rare opportunity to explore the second longest river of Sri Lanka and the longest river to reach the east coast. 
  • Rating: 5 out of 5 by customers for personalized care and safety

Discover the schedule

Day 01
The Start

After a quick recap of training, we’ll embark on a day of paddling through the breathtaking landscapes of Aluthgama and Tantirimale, where ancient stone walls from the Anuradhapura era still stand as testaments to history.


As you glide along the tranquil waters, keep your eyes peeled for the magnificent crocodiles in their natural habitat, gracefully gliding away as you paddle through. The real treat awaits as we encounter Class 2 rapids, providing an exhilarating and adventurous element to the journey.


The river’s lush canopy overhead and the mesmerizing sight of swarms of birds taking flight in the thousands will leave you awe-inspired throughout the day.


By evening, we’ll set up camp right by the riverbank, providing a perfect spot to unwind and savor a delightful evening coffee while our skilled chefs prepare a scrumptious dinner over a crackling campfire. Join us on this unforgettable kayaking adventure through Malwathu Oya, where each day brings new discoveries, adrenaline-pumping experiences, and unforgettable moments. Book your Kayaking Sri Lanka expedition now and be part of this incredible journey.

Day 02

Embark on the mesmerizing journey, where magical landscapes await to keep you hypnotized. As we venture deeper into the jungle, prepare to be enchanted by the beauty of the surroundings. Immerse yourself in the breathtaking views of lush landscapes and witness the river’s graceful bends, where a thick canopy filters sunlight, creating a captivating atmosphere.


Thrill-seekers will be delighted as the day presents Class 2 rapids, adding an exhilarating rush to the adventure. After an action-packed day on the river, we’ll set up camp near the magnificent Thekkama Anicut on Mawathu Oya.


The Thekkama Anicut is a marvel of engineering, constructed with giant granite blocks on a rocky foundation, creating a 640-foot (approx. 200 meters) long structure. The anicut spans 90 feet wide (27.5 meters) and rises up to 12 feet (3.7 meters), showcasing both its impressive scale and historical significance.

Day 03
The Transformation

On Day 3 of the “Malwathu Oya, Kayaking Sri Lanka” expedition, prepare to be captivated by a total transformation of landscapes as we draw nearer to the sea. The journey takes on a serene ambiance as we gently paddle towards the Malwathu Oya bridge, marking a significant point in our adventure.


Nestled along the river bank at Aruviya Aru Waterfront, our campsite offers a tranquil retreat surrounded by mangroves, providing shelter from the winds and creating a peaceful atmosphere.


While Day 3 offers a calm paddling experience, the anticipation builds for the final leg of our expedition. The last 5 kilometers leading to the sea are reserved for the last day, promising a thrilling conclusion to this remarkable kayaking journey.


Day 04
Ends at the Sea

The highlight of the “Malwathu Oya” tour is the majestic moment of reaching the river estuary, a site of historical significance where the original civilization in Sri Lanka began. It was here that Prince Vijaya first landed, and this momentous event was no coincidence. The location served as a crucial part of the ancient trade route, with valuable pearls discovered in the nearby sea.


Prepare for an extraordinary experience as you paddle the final 5 kilometers to the river estuary and back to our campsite, where we will conclude our unforgettable expedition. With hearts filled with awe and memories to treasure, we will head back to Colombo, cherishing the tales of history and the natural wonders that unfolded along the Malwathu Oya.

Frequently Asked Questions

An all-inclusive hassle-free glamping trip with comfortable air beds, all weather spacious camping tents, all meals, changing rooms and pick up drop arranged from Colombo. And a digital archive or all the memories included free of charge.

  • Wildlife Kayak Tour
  • Warm, Healthy, Meals
  • A comprehensive training before the expedition on a similar environment at no extra cost
  • Snacks, Coffee and Hot Drinks
  • Transportation from Colombo and back fully AC Comfortable VAN/MINI BUS
  • A digital archive of images and videosof your memories
  • First Aid- Qualified and CPR trained
  • Sports Massage Therapist
  • Camping Gear
  • 4-season Tents
  • You will need to provide your own sleeping bag and pad, or you can rent an Air Mattress/Pillow combo for an additional fee of $15 per person for the entire 3 days.
  • All Kayaking Gear
    • Personal Floatation Device
    • 10 Liter Dry Bag
    • Stable Double Kayak & Paddle
    • Helmets

Somawathiya NP is located in the Central part of Sri Lanka and in the dry zone. Our tours run rain or shine, so we ask you to wear quick-dry rash guards and tight leggings during the day that will cover your entire body. You can change to cotton wear at night. We advise avoiding shoes and flip-flops, ideal footwear for this expedition is a pair of sandals with straps. Because the storage is limited, we request you to travel light. Sunglasses and shades must be strapped. Hats and caps are a must as the sun can get you during the day.

Sun Blocks: we kindly request you to keep it away if possible or use a natural or organic-based one.

Toiletries: Avoid single-use plastic containers, you could accompany organic soaps or dry shampoo bars or purchase an organic soap bar from us to support our rural development and women empowerment initiative.  

You will receive a trip-specific packing list upon booking, which will go into great detail about what else to bring. Keep an eye out for it in your confirmation email!

With thoughtful consideration, we have revised our cancellation policy for 2023. The policy below
reflects our dedication to providing a stress-free booking, planning, and travel experience for you, our
guests. Our revised policies are flexible and forgiving, so you can book with confidence.

For all our Mahaweli River Expeditions, cancellation fees are as follows:

  • If you cancel more than 30 days prior to your scheduled trip, we will refund you in full*.
  • If you cancel 30-15 days prior to your scheduled trip, we will charge 50% of the total invoice.
  • If you cancel 15 days of your scheduled trip, we will charge the entire amount of your invoice.
  • Cancellation from EcoGrip due to weather/Covid Lockdown/ETC, We will refund you in full.


If you decide to cancel your trip with us, please consider transferring your payment to a membership
card account. That way you can join us in the future, providing an easy way to postpone your vacation

*Full refunds include: trip fees, add ons, and taxes & fees, minus 4000LKR per person booking fees for
multi-day trips*

We completed our 2020 season and are happy to share that, with strict COVID-19 protocols in place, we had a successful season. We were able to conduct this expedition with hundreds of people, and no known cases of COVID-19 were contracted on our trips. We are taking what we learned in 2020-2021 and preparing for another meaningful, inspiring season in 2022.

While our hope for 2022, is to operate our trips in the same way we did pre-COVID-19, we have careful plans to address the continued public health risks posed by the virus. We will follow scientific expertise and industry standards for hygiene and cleanliness, encourage the use of cautious practices among our staff and guests, and communicate all changes to our policies as we continue to adapt.

In 2022, we are set up to conduct this expedition in a meaningful way with purposeful Covid-19 mitigation policies. Please take just a few minutes and check out our Travel Updates & Covid Response Page.

Additional information

Conducted by

Internationally qualified guides

Number of Participants

Small groups capped at 12 guests.

Paddling Distance


Start point


End Point

Palk Strait


Ages 6+and Above

Family Tour Info

Groups with children ages 6-13 will have your own private guides at no extra cost, Paddle at your own pace and explore what you’re excited about, Children must be ages 6+, A minimum of 4 guests is required. Families with fewer than 4, please call


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