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Our Approach

We are all about the experience in designing an unforgettable vacation filled with inspiring and energizing possibilities. We know our stuff! We live it every day!

Sri Lanka is a wild and wonderful place. Follow your heart and let the adventures unfold.

Come join us on an exotic and thrilling adventure into the heartland of Sri Lanka with Eco Grip.

Reduced anxiety and depression
Decreased body fat levels
Increased cardiovascular fitness
Fun and Enjoyment
Corporate Social Responsibility

We are responsible

We Invest 20% of our profits to water conservation, animal welfare, empowerment of less fortunate kids by means of educational grants, and awareness campaigns to reduce reuse and recycle plastic waste for the people who live by the river banks. We engage in cleaning waterways and remove toxic waste like plastic, polythene and other alien ingredients from rivers around us.

We are the only company to reach inaccessible waterways by boats and remove plastic sedimentation, accumulations and we are passionate and proud of what we do as a fully Sri Lankan owned company.

Tour Director

Sameera Liyan is a Group Process Facilitator, Experiential Educator, and Human Potential Coach. He is passionate about outbound training, facilitation, experiential education, and coaching individuals, teams, and organizations to raise their effectiveness and human potential.

He is a professional kayak instructor with Internationally recognized British Canoeing Three Star Certificate for Kayaking & Rescue with well over 12 years of local and international experience. Having kayaked all over the rivers In Sri Lanka Including the Mahaweli River.

Sameera is a First Aid and CPR trained pharmacist with specialized allergy medication. And he is a professional mountain climber and rope rescue specialist too.

First Aid

First Aid and CPR trained pharmacist


British Canoeing Three Star Certificate for Kayaking & Rescue Personal

Our Team

Sameera Liyan

Course Director and Head Coach


Certified Lifeguard and a guide

Thakshila Dilshan

Head of IT and Logistics


Photographer, Drone Operator, Campsite Manager


Facilitator and LNT Officer