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Named “The Great Sandy River” or Mahaweli in Sinhalese the river Mahaweli is Sri Lanka’s longest river spreading 335km long. EcoGrip opens you to the world of wilderness with the journey through this majestic river.
Be it a beginner or an experienced adventurer we will help you to get the best experience with best safety standards so you can enjoy a trip money can’t buy!

You Have the freedom to choose 3 adventures ranging from 2 days, 3 days, or 4 days each differently unique and offers a totally different experience.

Trips MONEY Can't Buy

All your food and drink, as well as all safety equipment will be provided by EcoGrip. Training will be provided on a separate day mimicking the same environment where paddlers will learn Kayaking, Canoeing skills, Self-rescue and rescue technics, river reading skills, negotiating rapids and bush crafting skills needed to self-sustain in the wilderness.

There will be plenty of wild elephants and a rich and diverse birdlife with occasional crocodiles who will shy away with the slightest sound of your paddle. Occasional class I and II rapids will provide you with a sense of urgency and adrenaline rush to make this expedition a unique once in a lifetime experience.

Timing: 2 days, 3 days or 4 days packages available

Difficulty: Beginner (training provided) NO SWIMMING SKILLS NEEDED

Availability: ALL YEAR AROUND

Guests: Kids 6+, Adult & Family Tour Options

What people say about the Mahaweli Expedition

Customer Stories about Mahaweli Expedition From the blog
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Testimonials from Our Mahaweli Voyagers

Rowena Peris

Indescribable experience

The Mahaweli kayaking expedition was an indescribable experience!! Absolutely breathtaking and the most amazing experience of my life! It was my first time on a kayak and my first time camping so needless to say I had a lot of concerns, haha but Sam and his team put me at ease from the moment I met them at the training session.

The EcoGrip team is absolute professionals! Calm and confidant and so very accommodating and just a solid bunch of guys. Sam truly gives meaning to the tag line “trips money can’t buy” cos the experience we had kayaking down the Mahaweli river through the rapids and camping on the sandy river banks amongst the wild elephants and other wildlife was a priceless experience. Kudos Sam and kudos to his team. We can’t thank you enough for the most amazing three days in the wilderness 13/10! 🙂

Rowena Peris

Pradeep Leelarathne

Emphasis on safety was exceptional.

I participated in the Mahaweli expedition from 2nd to 4th October 2020 together with my 6-year-old son. The organizing was superb and the emphasis on safety was exceptional.

A special thank you to Sameera and his Eco Grip team for letting me complete an expedition that I was yearning to do for years, and that too with my six-year-old son. Doing it solo is challenging enough but to do it with a six-year-old would not be possible if not for the Eco Grip team. From the first call I made to Sameera, he clearly explained everything including the risks and what we can do to minimize them. The first conversation gave me the confidence to add my son to the expedition and I am glad I made that decision. My son had such a great time. The team was always looking after my son and one member was always there around our kayak, giving me the confidence to face the challenges with my son. I should mention Rtd Chief Petty Officer Silva who was always around giving a helping hand.

Sam, you have a small but superb team, and keep up the good work. You have got me and my son hooked on kayaking and he’s already making plans for the next trip.

I have to mention the other participants also each and every one of whom were superb team players. You guys rock!!!

Thank you so much for the experience Sam, and you sure deliver “Trips money can’t buy” All the best 🙏❤️

Pradeep Leelarathne

Anjana Ratnayake

It was really fun; a lifetime experience and a great expedition.

I was fortunate to join the Mahaweli expedition with two of my friends Pradeep and Prabhath. I have realized the level of planning and safety measures when I joined the initial training with Sameera. Being a well-experienced person, Sameera has taken away all fears I had about going on such an expedition.

Everything has been planned properly and well organized. Sameera and his lifeguards were always ready to help us when we are on the water and on campsites. At every rapid, we cross they were on alert for our safety.

It was really fun; a lifetime experience and a great expedition.

We have passed rough waters and calm waters. The view of river Mahaweli from the Kayak was amazing.

Night on the camping site was one of the best experiences. It was great teamwork. Sharing each other’s experiences was amazing.

I feel really sad when I see Manampitiya bridge which was our final destination and feel like going on for few more days.

Hi Sam, thanks for the great opportunity given, and well-taking care of us during the expedition. I can assure you one thing. You’ll see me paddling along with you in years to come.

Finally, it is awesome..!!

Anjana Ratnayake

Savinda Samarakoon

When am I doing it again?

As I am recovering from a massive 3-day adventure down the Mahaweli a few things came to my mind.WTH just happened!? Did I actually just do that!? And when am I doing it again? 😃

I usually don’t do reviews but I will make every exception this time to tell you how much this trip touched my heart! I can’t believe that all this time I didn’t know there were expeditions like this happening right here in Sri Lanka.

If you want to explore your motherland like you have never done before and get in touch with the purest nature there is to offer, THIS IS THE ONE!  You will walk side by side with elephants, see soaring eagles (huuuge ones), some Jackals, and maybe some encounters with a few crocs if you are lucky.  😛

In the wild, even with the most detailed planning and maximum precautions things still could go wrong. You really can’t prepare for everything. That’s why your guide and the team you go with will matter the most.

You will never meet a more dedicated and passionate team as ECoGrip I promise.  Sameera aka “Sam da Man” is the main guy, and he has his dream team crew is that is undoubtedly the most attentive and most experienced team you can ask for. The part I like most about Sam and his crew is their genuine love for the environment.  They made sure we didn’t leave any trash behind and we cleaned up after each site visit as if no humans ever came there. 

It is truly a trip money can’t buy!

Savinda Samarakoon


All our guides’ poses more than 10 years of experience with special trained for First Aid, CPR and our Course director/ head guide is also a qualified pharmacist and specialized in allergy management including food poisoning and shock. We are also 3 star British Canoeing certified guides with international recognition.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Wildlife Kayak Tour
  • Warm, Healthy, Meals
  • A comprehensive training before the expedition on a similar environment at no extra cost
  • Snacks, Coffee and Hot Drinks
  • Transportation from Colombo and back fully AC Comfortable VAN/MINI BUS
  • A digital archive of images and videosof your memories
  • First Aid- Qualified and CPR trained
  • Sports Massage Therapist
  • Camping Gear
  • 4-season Tents
  • You will need to provide your own sleeping bag and pad, or you can rent an Air Mattress/Pillow combo for an additional fee of $15 per person for the entire 3 days.
  • All Kayaking Gear
    • Personal Floatation Device
    • 10 Liter Dry Bag
    • Stable Double Kayak & Paddle
    • Helmets

Wasgomuwa NP is located in the Central part of Sri Lanka and in the dry zone. Our tours run rain or shine, so we ask you to wear quick-dry rash guards and tight leggings during the day that will cover your entire body. You can change to cotton wear at night. We advise avoiding shoes and flip-flops, ideal footwear for this expedition is a pair of sandals with straps. Because the storage is limited, we request you to travel light. Sunglasses and shades must be strapped. Hats and caps are a must as the sun can get you during the day.

Sun Blocks: we kindly request you to keep it away if possible or use a natural or organic-based one.

Toiletries: Avoid single-use plastic containers, you could accompany organic soaps or dry shampoo bars or purchase an organic soap bar from us to support our rural development and women empowerment initiative.  

You will receive a trip-specific packing list upon booking, which will go into great detail about what else to bring. Keep an eye out for it in your confirmation email!

With thoughtful consideration, we have revised our cancellation policy for 2021. The policy below reflects our dedication to providing a stress-free booking, planning, and travel experience for you, our guests. Our revised policies are flexible and forgiving, so you can book with confidence.

For all our Mahaweli River Expeditions, cancellation fees are as follows:

  • If you cancel more than 20 days prior to your scheduled trip, we will refund you in full*.
  • If you cancel 20-12 days prior to your scheduled trip, we will charge 20% of the total invoice.
  • If you cancel 12-7 days prior to your scheduled trip, we will charge the card on file 50% of the total invoice.
  • If you cancel within 7 days of your scheduled trip, we will charge the entire amount of your invoice.
  • Cancellation from EcoGrip due to weather/Covid Lockdown/ETC, We will refund you in full.

If you decide to cancel your trip with us, please consider transferring your payment to a membership card account. That way you can join us in the future, providing an easy way to postpone your vacation plans.

*Full refunds include: trip fees, add ons, and taxes & fees, minus 2000LKR per person booking fees for multi-day trips*

We completed our 2020 season and are happy to share that, with strict COVID-19 protocols in place, we had a successful season. We were able to conduct this expedition with hundreds of people, and no known cases of COVID-19 were contracted on our trips. We are taking what we learned in 2020 and preparing for another meaningful, inspiring season in 2021.

While our hope for 2021, is to operate our trips in the same way we did pre-COVID-19, we have careful plans to address the continued public health risks posed by the virus. We will follow scientific expertise and industry standards for hygiene and cleanliness, encourage the use of cautious practices among our staff and guests, and communicate all changes to our policies as we continue to adapt.

In 2021, we are set up to conduct this expedition in a meaningful way with purposeful Covid-19 mitigation policies. Please take just a few minutes and check out our Travel Updates & Covid Response Page.